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Trip Tracker is the Brillstein Security online travel management communication system, which enables the user (mostly companies) to take responsibility for their employees’ travel security in the instable international security environment. At any moment in time a company can identify where its staff are located and where they intend to travel to next.
Trip Tracker supports human resources departments, travel and security officers in protecting their employees.

Travellers can enter their schedule and trip data and log travel requests via special web interface, which is set up in way that it can be accessed by any browser and even with very slow internet connection. They receive information on the current risks associated with their travel and at their destination and are made aware of the company’s change of plan. The system can also be used as a means of monitoring travel requests, requiring authorisation from a designated manager before travel to high-risk destinations can be undertaken and so forth. Should a traveller no longer respond back to the company or cannot be reached, Trip Tracker provides clues as to where the traveller might be reached at or has travelled to. This provides an important asset in any need of emergency rescue or search and rescue, for instance by our in-house emergency rescue teams.

The Trip Tracker provides:
  • a real-time information source to track the current location and future travel plans of all employees and to contact employees quickly in the event of any crisis
  • a simple to use method to implement a company-wide travel policy to protect employees
  • a briefing for each individual employee on their company’s travel policy and where they are authorised to travel
  • a system which can be customised by each company to fit with procedures and policy
  • a summary of Brillstein briefings on the travel risks associated with the business destination
  • reassurance for employees

Trip Tracker can be booked as a stand-alone service or in combination with a variety of other travel security services such as CSC, Country Analysis, BSS, crisis intervention, among others. Please contact us any time to discuss your individual needs.


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