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Brillstein Security has about 35 years of  global experience of preparing and executing evacuation plans.
Our evacuation plans have been executed by our rapid action elite security teams around the world and assistance has been provided to safely remove employees from some of the most perilous situations. Please note that in order to insure top security, we operate with our very OWN elite teams and do not use sub-contractors, as do most other suppliers of similar services. We are a global one-stop company; we offer each service you may need first hand.
Evacuation plans can be prepared either to monitor an evolving situation or to react to a sudden escalation by implementing a planned, phased evacuation. We will assist to resolve any crisis situation, anywhere, any time.
The Brillstein evacuation plans cover the composition and responsibilities of the evacuation team, along with the main elements to be addressed during a situation that may require partial or total evacuation of employees.

Main features

  • an expert consultant will be at the client's disposal 24/7 and counsel on all pertinent issues, all possible steps will be taken in order to help establish the least disruption of regular company business
  • monitor and assess the developing situation in real-time
  • covers all incidents from crime, kidnap, war, uprising to natural disasters etc.
  • assist decision making and the necessary actions to be taken as a result of changes
  • all practical steps to implement in a deteriorating in-country situation in line with corporate policy
  • provide transport (including private aircraft and yachts where necessary) and personal checklists applicable to the likely situation as well as route cards highlighting the previously identified evacuation routes
  • real-time reports, media and relatives spokesman to ensure a calm and objective contact to the press and concerned relatives and/or government agencies
  • establish liaison with any concerned party in order to relieve the company's management

Our services will enable you to:

  • reduce the risk to the welfare and lives of your employees
  • control the safe evacuation of staff and assets in appropriate numbers
  • protect employees remaining in-country
  • avoid the potentially costly error of evacuating prematurely and thereby alienating the local authorities or having to re-deploy key staff
  • circumvent red tape, you no longer depend on any authority or government agency
  • be pro-active instead of waiting passively what happens

Contact us any time to discuss your individual needs!


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