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You can not afford to ignore political, security and travel safety issues that may affect your business or personnel.
The Brillstein Country Analysis provides you with recent analysis of the political, security and travel issues in all important countries. Country Analysis can be made available online, on your custom intranet or as reports by e-mail or on your PDA. The technology used online will facilitate cross-browser access, so that no matter which computer you may have to use, you won't have trouble accessing the pages. This may be important, e.g. in countries where internet access is difficult or very slow etc.

Brillstein clients' can book the Country Analysis package stand-alone or within a full travel security package which can consist of a number of different modules. For more detailed info, please contact us any time and ask for our travel security brochure, which comes to your e-mail inbox free of charge.

Main features

  • Executive Update: summary of all new entries on Country Risk Forecast
  • Business Travel Update: one-stop resource for new travel stories, ongoing situations and upcoming events that could affect business and travel
  • Worldwide Risk Ratings: an A-Z of all countries’ risk ratings
  • customised email alerts: providing an instant update of the latest developments worldwide or in a particular country
  • feature articles: sections dedicated to international terrorism and direct action campaigns

Business Essentials:

  • political, security and travel risk ratings
  • analysis of recent political, security and travel developments
  • significant events in the country over the past month

Business Planner:

  • the government structure, key people and political  issues
  • political and economic stability
  • operational issues
  • personal safety,  security environment

Business Traveller:

  • formalities, visas and vaccinations
  • local security situation, transportation, accommodation, climate and related issues
  • travelling around within the country and staying safe, with points to note for female travellers
  • cultural or social issues you should know
  • money, language, communications
  • significant dates such as  holidays
  • embassy details
  • health information provided by our own analysts worldwide and by international insurance companies

If you need a more customized travel security solution, please also visit Scenario Planning, Emergency Extraction, Close Protection, Trip Tracker, or contact us any time to discuss your individual needs. We also offer a full travel and travel security management packages, including booking, supervising, managing, bookkeeping the travel expenses and related services. All you have to do is travel safe and relaxed and focus on your projects, we will take care of the rest.


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