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Travel abroad safer and more relaxed with the right preparation for your safe trip! You don't have to waste time on security concerns. Let Brillstein Security handle your security, you can focus on your business or vacation. CSC provides online travel and security information on major business destinations worldwide. We monitor and analyse security issues and advise you on any development which may affect your trip's safety.
CSC supplies to you all important data and info, we prepare custom security reports on any location worldwide within brief delay and ship these data to you via internet, email, to your PDA etc. During your trip, you can receive security updates and travel warnings we issue each day, as they come up.

Main features of CSC

  • detailed reports highlighting the latest info affecting your business travel at your destination
  • information and recommendations concerning:
    • Airports - air travel, formalities, airport security, where to find taxis etc.
    • Advice on your personal safety at any given location
    • Local transportation
    • Hotels and restaurants - where to go and where NOT
    • Leisure - what you can safely do, what you should NOT do


CSC subscribers also receive the following information on the destination

  • risk ratings (political, security and travel)
  • time zones
  • business etiquette
  • climate, weather
  • public holidays
  • health/emergency contacts


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