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If any crisis occurs while you are travelling, our 365/24/7 client support at-all-times-manned crisis management centre will provide you with instant, around-the-clock security counsel and can set help in motion at all times, where ever you may be on this planet. The Brillstein Support System (BSS) can be booked as a stand-alone service, but it will be of best service when booked in combination with Trip Tracker or other travel security packages or protective services. BSS can be fully customized for your needs.

  • BSS is a 365/24/7 crisis management support service, expert security staff will be at your disposal at all times to counsel and support you
  • BSS will expertly to respond both  to your non-urgent, routine enquiries, as well as to crisis support needs of any kind
  • BSS can be fully customized to suit individual client needs
  • BSS is proactive, thus sending clients and staff warnings regarding to any developments that might affect your individual trip or safety
  • BSS can contribute to your safety in environments where no security or incident management functions exist, or in support of existing security structures
  • BSS can be used to its best potential by companies with a high volume of international travel or with expatriates in developing or unstable countries
  • BSS reduces risk and stress and will help you focus on your business
  • BSS  is cost-effective
  • BSS is your "big brother" when you need help

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