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Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is an excellent means of risk management as regards loss prevention and crisis preparation. Certain training methods offer an  a range of approaches to minimize risks and provide understand of crisis and  business scenarios. Scenario planning explores the potential evolution of risks in a specific country or on a particular project, highlighting the impact on a company. Part of any project planning should be a competent scenario planning as it allows to better illustrate the implications and possible consequences of a country’s political, economic and social system and possible developments. It will thus lead to an improved crisis management and crisis planning and will evolve the overall business options in general. In scenario planning, strategic planning, risk assessment and country risk assessment all come into play.

Our workshops bring all key elements and key staff together. Workshops can be customized to a company's particular project or can cover more general aspects and be open to participants from various companies. Workshops include the following main stages:
  • preliminary interviews - interview the project planners and identify the key objectives and issues, goals etc.
  • workshop - 1-3 day workshops are possible and sufficient. The workshop will cover all central and important issues in order to conduct a competent scenario planning
  • strategic options - in this final stage of the workshop, we'll address the strategic options of the company and project planners

Scenario planning is an excellent and important means to help reduce and identify risks and to create a "plan B" for crisis situations.


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