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IT SECURITY - IT Emergency

The Brillstein IT emergency response team has extensive experience with international IT network intrusions, computer forensics and electronic evidence collection, investigation into intellectual property theft, restoration of damaged IT systems and to help an creating a secure working IT environment following any IT security incident. The team will attempt to ascertain how the breach occurred and secure it, evaluate the extent of the damage caused by the security breach and identify individuals involved.
We also offer our clients a business continuity program to enable the business to carry on operating after an IT security incident.

Other elements of our IT security concept are crisis planning, security audits, IT risk assessment and data security and possibly measures in the area of corporate intelligence. IT, information and data security MUST be in the focus point of every security manager and security plan. It is not enough to have some "take care of the computers who know a bit about them.... Information and data are key assets that MUST be protected from sabotage, attacks, theft, espionage and regular IT incidents. Data back-up and proper storage are also a BIG help in overcoming IT incidents relatively or completely unscathed.


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